Sending our children abroad to learn English attending a summer course is becoming more and more popular everyday. Being a mother of two teenagers and an English teacher as well, I have been looking for a trustworthy company which offered both the guarantee of a quality study programme and, most importantly, the welfare of my kids. Finally, I was able to find that perfect combination on Language Kingdomhttp://www.lkidiomas.com, a company specialized on English courses of any kind at reasonable prices.


I contacted them not only interested in booking an English summer course for my own kids but also for a lot of friends who had already asked me about reliable companies that I knew. To my surprise, Language Kingdom offered my husband and I to visit their premises in Dublin and York (Saint John University) so that we could experience the way they work. We were so impressed with their professionalism that we eventually decided to take a disinterested full part in the process,


The experience was just perfect: a group of teenagers spent a fortnight in the stunning city of York http://www.visityork.org, where they could live an unforgettable experience attending English lessons in the morning for three hours everyday, enjoying entertaining activities in the evenings, staying with English families and supervised by the most experienced monitors all the time.

So if you are considering enrolling your children on an English summer course, browse LK’s website and rely on this group of young, enthusiastic specialists, who have been nominated to the Premier Agency Business Awards  2016 http://cpiea.com.

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